Prada CEO Mr. Patrizio Bertelli appears in the September issue of Harvard Business Review.  In it he discusses how the company culture that he and his wife Ms. Miucia Prada have institutionalized, has been the most important and constant ingredient of the company success over the years. This piece was co-authored on Mr. Bertelli’s behalf by David Champion (Senior Editor of HBR) and Marakon, following an extensive interview with Mr. Bertelli at their head office in Milan earlier this year.

Mr. Bertelli talked about the “six Prada principles” at the core of its unique culture:

  1. Control through transparency;
  2. Go where the risk is;
  3. Give respect to get performance;
  4. Sell only your own designs;
  5. Obsess over details;
  6. Give young managers real responsibilities

Although each industry and company are unique and facing different challenges, there is a lot to be learned from the wisdom of a man who, together with his wife Mrs. Prada, transformed a small regional design house into a global fashion icon and powerhouse. It also serves as a reminder that-despite all talk about the West’s inability to compete against emerging economic powers-visionary companies with exceptional high-end value propositions (whether it is brands, design, technology or new service concepts) can indeed compete and win in a global marketplace.

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