Financial Services

Our perspective

Most financial service companies have significant untapped value potential. While the nature of the opportunity will differ by institution, there are common practices that contribute to the gap between actual value and potential value. Examples of these include:

  • Participation choices informed too much by market size and growth, and not enough by competitive advantage and sources of difference
  • Strong focus on the customer (e.g., cross sell, retention) but not enough focus on delivering more customer value (e.g., tailored customer offers with high willingness-to-pay relative to cost)
  • M&A used as a lever for growth, but leaving a lot of untapped value creation by not integrating economics with strategy upfront
  • Priorities overly influenced by what others are doing vs. what is highest value for your company
  • Goals, measures and rewards not aligned with value creation across the organization

Central to unlocking value is the ability to understand and manage economic tensions and tradeoffs - growth vs. returns; short-term vs. long- term; returns vs risk.

How we can help

At Marakon, our advice is rooted in the discipline of value and combined with deep industry expertise. We work with our clients to identify where their value potential lies and to help them achieve their potential by better managing choices and trade-offs. In addressing specific issues, we bring together strategy and economics, making clear the linkage between strategic choices and economic outcomes.

Economics are at the heart of financial services and are at the heart of our practice and DNA. We help financial service institutions re-think organic and inorganic strategy, capital allocation, commercial and go-to-market models, and organizational structures and people / talent agendas – all rooted in the economic discipline of value creation.

We deliver both results and capabilities—never one without the other. Clients value us for our ability to help them achieve their ambition for sustainable value growth through better strategies, stronger organizational capabilities, and more confident and effective leadership.

Areas of expertise

Corporate strategy

  • M&A and Divestitures
  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Financial Resource Allocation and Risk Management
  • Corporate and Balance Sheet Transformation


Business unit strategy

  • Competitive Strategy
  • Customer and Product Proposition Design and Launch
  • Customer Segmentation / Channel Management


Organizational effectiveness

  • Performance Management (Goals, Measures and Rewards)
  • Organizational Design


BankVQ powered analytics and insights

  • For US Banks only
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Areas served in financial services

We serve clients with needs across banking, insurance, payments and wealth management. We also work on needs and issues that cut across segments (e.g. retirement solutions, small business solutions, integrated customer balance sheet solutions).

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    • Retail (incl. mortgage and credit cards)
    • Corporate / commercial
    • Consumer finance
    • Small Business / community
    • Investment banking and capital markets



    • Consumer life & annuity
    • Consumer P&C
    • Commercial P&C
    • Health
    • Payment
    • Reinsurance



    • Card & card networks
    • Merchant services
    • Treasury services
    • Trade settlement & clearance


Wealth management

    • Wealth
    • Asset management
    • Private client
    • Retirement (wealth accumulation and drawdown)

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From start to finish Marakon is personally invested in the partnership and relentlessly pursues the right answers and optimal outcomes. From Marakon you will get robust and leading strategic thinking, and a roadmap to implementation. They have set themselves apart within their industry, and we are a better company for having partnered with them.

Philip Yuzpe, President and COO - Sentry Investments


Marakon applied a disciplined approach to help us navigate our complex questions. They employ a good blend of classic strategy approaches, advanced analytics and a much welcomed sense of pragmatism.

Head of Strategy - Large online brokerage


Marakon’s strategic thinking, organisational insights and personal dedication to our success is the best I have experienced in the strategy space.

CEO - Aviva UK


A consultancy that has advised some of the world’s most consistently successful companies.

The Economist


An absolutely top notch consultancy, among the half-dozen firms that form the elite in strategy consulting.