It’s an increasingly familiar job title, chief strategy officer, and almost as commonplace as CEO, CFO, CIO and CTO. While the title may be a new addition to the C-suite acronyms, the role is nothing new. In many organisations, the head of strategy or strategy director likely performs the same or a similar role. So what makes an effective CSO? How does a newly appointed CSO ensure they add maximum value, despite the often vague job description? Many strategy officers perform well in the role, whilst others never really understood the remit or (less often) didn’t have the capabilities or behaviours to do it well.

That remit can vary considerably across companies, and is typically determined by the personality and needs of the CEO.  In this article we discuss the six important aspects to help CSOs, strategy directors, chiefs of staff, etc., to be impactful in their role. The article will also help chief executives better understand who they want in the job, what their remit should be, and how to get the most out of them.  


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