There are three fundamental tensions with which most companies and executives struggle: profitability versus growth, short term versus long term, and the whole of a company versus its parts. Few companies manage these competing objectives successfully at the same time — but there is a way to do so. The key is finding the common bond that enables reconciliation of these seemingly irreconcilable objectives. The Three Tensions is about achieving them at the same time, more of the time.

"I recommend it to any manager serious about winning." — James Kilts, former chairman, CEO, and president, The Gillette Company

"Leadership can′t be just about telling people what you expect of them. The Three Tensions sets out a range of helpful tactics leaders can adopt to really engage their people in the search for good performance on many fronts." — Andrew Cosslett, chief executive, InterContinental Hotels Group PLC

"The Three Tensions speaks to fundamental management issues, perhaps the most fundamental. Managers looking for new ideas on how to improve performance will find it very stimulating. I found my own thinking very much influenced by it." — John Roberts, professor of economics, strategic management, and international business, Stanford Business School.


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