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Great Foundations

From the start of your career at Marakon you will benefit from both informal and formal development coaching as well as our six month review & promotion cycles.

All new hires are allocated a peer buddy to answer questions, pass on experiences & tips as well as provide an informal sounding board on work or non-work related issues. This relationship is invaluable in accelerating your integration and enables you to 'hit the ground running'.

Upon joining our firm you will also be assigned a coach who formally oversees your professional development. The coaching relationship is at the core of our approach to developing our people by providing support, guidance and structure throughout your career to help you develop to your full potential. For our more senior members of the firm, their ability to provide coaching support plays a significant role in their own development and has a material impact on their progression. This further nurtures an environment in which development, rather than evaluation, is the norm. Providing each consultant with one person accountable for his or her development help ensure that decisions around promotion and compensation are based on a comprehensive view of the individual's performance over time, rather than on any one assignment.

We assess progress and development of our consultants at our review forums which take place every six months. Prior to these forums, the coach and coachee work together to form a balanced point of view on achievements to date, development opportunities and promotion readiness based on feedback from project managers, peers, clients and other people that the coachee has worked with. The coach represent their coachees at the review forums which are structured around recognizing achievements, understanding individual capability profiles and progress over time, as well as agreeing on how to best support each team member to reach their full potential.

Throughout the process transparency is critical and we actively foster an open feedback culture where individuals know how they are performing and are engaged in constructive dialogues on their development. Furthermore, our six month review & promotion cycle illustrates not just the importance placed on development throughout the organization, but also our fundamental belief in promotion based on merit rather than tenure.





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