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Getting to Know Us

A premier corporate strategy firm.

Marakon has the fresh insights and proven track record to help CEOs and their leadership teams build stronger organizations and achieve greater performance. Rather than telling clients what to do based on industry benchmarks and established processes, we let each client’s unique capabilities and market position be the guide. We bring our fresh perspectives and deep insights into current and future economics to help companies develop the strategies and capabilities that will outperform their competitors and create value for their shareholders.

Always adapting. Always leading.

When we started Marakon in 1978, we focused on helping business leaders identify precisely where their business portfolios were creating and destroying value. We pioneered processes and performance measures that transformed our industry. Then we linked these value-based measures to strategic planning at the business unit and corporate level. In the mid-1990s, we introduced the idea of strategy development as a continuous process supported by insightful market and competitor information. Today, we advise management teams at some of the world's best known companies on the issues that most impact their value and performance.

Leadership engages us when:

  • Ambitions are high
  • The path is unclear or taking too long
  • Traditional approaches can’t keep up with competitive changes
  • Lasting capabilities are as valuable as immediate impact

Change starts on day one.

If standard practices and business-as-usual were working, our clients wouldn’t be looking for help. That’s why our approach is so important. It’s smart and it’s different. Our unique management perspective, innovative thinking and broad experience help executives at a wide range of organizations answer their most important questions and make crucial decisions with confidence. These clients span the world, represent diverse industry segments such as consumer goods, financial services, industrials and healthcare and include Fortune 500, mid caps and Private Equity-owned businesses.

Our engagement teams are led by senior Directors who roll up their sleeves to identify the true sources of value within the client’s business and help realize the potential for profitable growth and future value creation. Rather than sending in armies of consultants wielding predictable industry solutions, our teams provide innovative ideas, constructive challenge and committed partners who work side-by-side with our clients’ teams to make change happen.